The Tallest Lego Tower in Auckland?

I was feeling inspired by the story of the people of Limmen, Holland who broke the Guinness world record for the tallest LEGO tower earlier this month and rushed off to purchase more basic bricks for our Auckland record breaking attempt.

Keep in mind that the Limmen tower contained more than 700,000 bricks, an amount I’ve estimated would cost a whopping $56,000 to buy at retail prices.

They also had the benefit of 1800 volunteers and 3 days to work over to create their 30m tower.

So, armed with 5000 new bricks, we worked during the 17th June session to create the tallest tower possible in 90 minutes.

The result, pictured below, was just under 4m tall – not bad at all!

The tallest LEGO tower in Auckland

It wasn’t truly structurally sound but the Brick Builders team enjoyed the challenge and also learnt just how hard it is to keep tall buildings like the Sky Tower standing up.