Lego, Lego and more Lego!

It’s been a long time since I wrote a blog post for the Brick Builders website. That doesn’t mean we’ve lost interest in all things Lego, anything but.

Since putting the weekly after school school into hibernation at the start of this year, I’ve focused the company on providing unique and entertaining birthday parties. It’s proved so popular I’m currently booking 6 weeks ahead!

The weekly club was fun to run and popular too but difficult to fit in around a fulltime job. I’m still convinced a network of Lego clubs around New Zealand would be a great way to share the joy (and educational benefits) of Lego with kids who might not have piles of it at home.

My attempts to franchise the club brought lots of interest from across the country but it proved difficult to convert to a club network . Despite having a proven business model many people are put off by the up-front costs of buying the raw materials.

With that in mind I’m currently writing a manual on How to Start and Run Your Own Lego Club – my aim is to offer it as an ebook or PDF download for a nominal fee to 1. test the market for self-publishing (I’m thinking Kindle publishing here) and 2. to see if a full guide will get some motivated people up and running.

Watch this space (and like us on Facebook) – if you’re feeling creative and want to get your own local club up and running get in touch. The more people who email me, the quicker it’s likely to get published!

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