LEGO, Brick Builders and brick building fun in New Zealand

We have listed the most common questions put to Brick Builders – contact us if you can’t find the answer below:

  • Are you ‘the LEGO Man’ I hear so much about?

No. I’m actually the Brick Builders man. I have no official relationship with LEGO New Zealand or the LEGO Group of companiesI respect LEGO Trademarks and as such have tried to remove any mention of copyrighted or trademarked terms from the Brick Builders website and the business in general.

We do have around $50,000 of LEGO bricks and a passion for creativity, hence we have spent the last 8 years building up the Brick Builders business which happens to involve using the Danish company’s products for parties, corporate events, shopping mall building sessions and kids holiday programmes.

I should reiterate though that I am not the LEGO man and I have no commercial relationship with the company.

The closest thing to an Australia/New Zealand LEGO man would be the wonderful Ryan McNaught, a LEGO certified Professional – one of only 13 in the world – and the only one in the Southern Hemisphere.

  • Do you run LEGO birthday parties?

No, we run Brick Builders birthday parties. We have no official relationship with LEGO New Zealand or the LEGO Group of companies and are not licenced by LEGO.

We do indeed offer birthday parties for children in Auckland using interlocking plastic bricks and have devised a series of popular games for children but we do not pay royalties for commercial use of LEGO intellectual property and we respect LEGO Trademarks. You will find our birthday party reviews reflect this situation.

  • What’s your telephone number? Can I call you to discuss a birthday party or event booking?

We’re sorry to say we’ve had to take our phone number off the Brick Builders website due to the volume of calls we receive every day about LEGO! Requests for donations for school fairs, spare LEGO parts, the NZ LEGO club, advertising requests, media comment and more.

We’re always happy to call you about a birthday party or corporate event booking – just include your phone number – but we prefer initial contact to be by email. If you want some custom LEGO models made for your business we may well know just the people across New Zealand who would love to help.

  • Do you have a party venue we come to or do you come to us?

Brick Builders offer a mobile birthday party service and one of our party hosts will come out to your home or a hired community hall to run a 2 hour party with lots of fun games.

  • How much space do I need to host a Brick Builders party?

For 10 children, an average sized lounge will be fine (30m2). If the weather is good we can often run the games outside as long as there is a shaded area for building – New Zealand’s sun can be harsh on young skin and on LEGO blocks! A Brick Builders birthday party is perfect year round but winter dates can get booked up well in advance.

  • How far will you travel? I live in…

Our birthday party pricing is based on the distance you live from central Auckland. We travel as far north as Albany and Torbay on the shore to Manurewa in the south. Check the map below to see if we cover your area:

When you book your Brick Builders birthday party online simply let us know which suburb you live in.

  • Do you know if anyone offers LEGO parties in Wellington / Christchurch / Invercargill / etc?

Brick Builders is Auckland based and we do not know of anyone offering birthday parties outside of Auckland using bricks. If you do find someone please let me know as we’re always being asked that question!

If you’d be keen to operate a Brick Builders franchise in your area please do drop us an email. Our business is fully systemised and we have developed a franchising model.

  • Can I hire your LEGO bricks for an event or party?

Sadly no – Brick Builders do not hire out our $50,000 of LEGO bricks without a member of staff coming along with the package.

You might want to arrange a party or staff training event of anywhere up to a full day and we’re happy to discuss your requirements and tailor a successful series of games or creative exercises. Brick Builders Ltd carry public liability insurance of $5m and have run successful shopping mall events for up to 3000 people.

Please note that our children’s birthday parties do get booked up quite a way in advance and are only offered on weekends.

  • Can you help us build custom LEGO models?

Yes! We’ve worked with Auckland based PR and advertising agencies to build some amazing creations over the last ten years out of LEGO bricks. Anything from life-sized heads to corporate brand logo mosaics and promotional items for trade fairs and brochure photo shoots.

  • Did you build the LEGO Lord of the Rings mystery mosaic at LynnMall?

Yes! The great team at LynnMall arranged for Brick Builders Ltd to host 50 themed brick building sessions for children at the New Lynn shopping mall over the July 2012 winter school holidays. We hosted almost 1300 children over the 10 days.

Final Lego Lord of the Rings Mosaic LynnMall

As part of the promotion, Brick Builders managed the build of a 4 square metre mosaic using LEGO bricks to eventually form the shape of the new Lord of the Rings characters.

We worked with around 1500 people over two weeks to complete the massive artwork, 56,000 pieces of LEGO in total! The finished mosaic now hangs in the Waitakere childrens ward off Lincoln Road, Henderson. A truly great project to get involved with.

Lego Mosaic LynnMall Waitakere DHB

  • Do you sell LEGO products or services?

No,  we are not authorised to sell LEGO as a retailer in New Zealand and do not hold stock of any LEGO kits.

  • What’s the best place to buy LEGO in New Zealand?

There’s no doubt that LEGO is an expensive toy to buy and own but in our opinion it’s like investing in a fine wine or classic car – highly likely to retain or even appreciate in value.

LEGO, even when resold in bulk lots, can retain 100% of the price you paid for it. That hard wearing plastic will be discovered by future archaeologists!

Personally we find Toyco at St Lukes, Auckland to have the largest range of sets locally. The Warehouse or Toyworld stores normally have the keenest prices in the country, especially around seasonal events such as school holidays and Christmas but sometimes they have a limited range.

Trade Me is a great place to buy old or custom sets or bulk lots when the kids grow up and want electric guitars.

If you want specific parts we recommend – the fan site is also a good place to source older sets at a discount due to the high number of global sellers.

LEGO is most certainly cheaper to buy in other countries due simply to larger populations and the closer distance to European factories. However, buying from the company’s official website can often be pricey due to postage costs and the potential for your package to be stopped and levied with fees by NZ Customs. That experience nearly crippled our mystery mosaic build.

Try one of the large US online retailers and a local package delivery service like YouShop to get bargains but do be cautious of customs charges.

  • How do I get the LEGO Club magazine?

You can sign up online at

  • Do you need helpers?

Brick Builders is always on the lookout for LEGO fans who enjoy sharing their enthusiasm with others. If you’re energetic and friendly, available to work on weekends and have your own car, take a look at our recruitment page.

Previous experience of working with children is desirable – babysitting friends and family is good, even better is experience of coaching or leading groups of young people. Please note: all applicants will be required to undergo a police vetting check before being appointed.

  • Can I franchise the Brick Builders business?

If you’re interested in the benefits of buying a reputable franchise and are keen to start up a Brick Builders business in your town then get in touch. We have spent ten years developing and enhancing a proven and highly popular birthday party business that entertains and delights adults and children alike.

With systemised processes, training materials and a documented health and safety regime, Brick Builders want to deliver a fun party experience that’s talked about for weeks afterwards.

  • Can you donate LEGO sets or a birthday party for my school fair?

Sadly no. We have no official relationship with LEGO New Zealand or the LEGO Group of companies. They do have an office in Auckland so you may like to try them but we know they receive an awful lot of similar requests every day.